“The West Coast Trend Show has become one of our favorite shows to attend. The timing is great, and it’s very easy to work and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Everyone hangs out and it’s a great environment for getting to know other retailers and manufacturers a bit better.”

Pat Monpere JR (retailer), Patrick James

“This show is a great way to work with retailers on the West Coast. We meet new customers and other sales reps. The timing is perfect between NYC and Chicago Show.”

Albert Rainelli, Brax Feel Good

“We catch up with quite a few long time vendors. The show set up is quiet and intimate which makes it easier to focus when making a selection. It is very easy to navigate.”

Jenni Elshmid, Simple Laguna

“I hate Las Vegas. This is my third trip to the WCTS. It reminds me of the old days! 1973!”

Brent McCausland, McCausland’s

“Attending the WCTS is easy and comfortable. We have great access without any hassle to the vendors we want to see.”

Jim Thomas, Eli Thomas Menswear San Jose

“Great show. Intimate setting and easy to work.”

Heidi Edwards, Exclusively Big and Tall

“I attend the WCTS because it provides a comfortable working environment that attracts a diverse customer account base to work with! It is so much more cost effective to schedule working meetings here as opposed to driving all over the state. The upgraded rooms are a nice surprise.”

David Young, Bed Stu, Santa Rosa Brand, Broken Homme

“LA is so much easier than Las Vegas. The WCTS makes sure we get a good room rate at a hotel that has quick and easy access to the airport shuttle, tons of vendors, and you don’t have to pay one cent for food. It’s as good as it gets for retailers.”

Jay Williamson, Williamson and Co.

“The WCTS is a very convenient venue to start off a selling season. The Embassy Suites at LAX North is easy for the retailers to navigate. The atmosphere of the show is cordial and intimate. The Saturday evening cocktail and dinner party is enjoyed by all. Good wine, very good food and fun entertainment.”

M.A. Pickens, Viyella, Alexander Julian

“The West Coast Trend Show is special to us because of the warmth and sense of community at the show along with the business and opportunity that it presents. A great time with good friends and businesses. Thanks for a great show Ken!”

Daniel, Maceoo

“The WCTS is a great opportunity to visit and work with our buyers. The relaxed setting makes it ideal for focused and productive meetings.”

Donna Gavin, True Grit

“When asked why I attend the West Coast Trend show the first thing I think of is how easy and comfortable the show is. Having everything under one roof saves time and hassle traveling from hotel to show. But the biggest reason we attend is the personal touch. Ken and team go above and beyond to think of everything, and always with a smile. From the refreshments to the fun entertainment, Ken thinks of it all. I also look forward to seeing the new and exciting lines they find each season. I have been attending shows across the U.S. for 48 years. This one never disappoints. Thank you Ken and team for going the extra mile. See you next season!”

Dick Stallone, Stallones

“This is a very convenient show. I fly in directly from Eugene, Oregon and can start working immediately. With so many key vendors in one easy to work spot, it makes my life easier. Ken has done a great job bringing so many vendors into one spot. One on one time with vendors is much more intimate than at larger shows like Magic. Thanks for making this show available!”

Gary Hyde, Fiddlers Green

“It is efficient!”

Ulrike Campbell, Uli’s

“We have 8 stores with both mens and women garments and footwear in tourist locations. This show allows us to work with some of our key vendors/ reps. Which time would not allow us to do at Vegas shows.”

Lynn Swink, Parts Unknown

“Thank you for sending me $100 as the Trend Show reward! I don’t think I deserve it because the show is THE best reward for any buyer like me. I appreciate everything that you and your staff do to make it as pleasant as possible. The attention, services, food, drinks, and the magic shows are great. I attend trade shows in NY, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Frankfurt, but the WCTS show is my favorite and where I do most of my buying. I wish you continuous success.”

Arman Ariane, Xerxes

“The WCTS is super convenient and allows me to see a good amount of West Coast retailers without having to participate in the Las Vegas Shows. It saves me time and money.”

Mark Jensen, Linksoul, 2UNDR

“We like the fact that all the vendors are easy to access within each floor. There is a cordial welcoming and great food provided.”

Tello’s Tailors and Menswear

“I like that this show is smaller than most. The cherry picking is done for me!”

Lou Pagnini, McCausland’s

“This has been a show that is easy to work and we appreciate the relaxed atmosphere. So glad to come here and work with all of our vendors.”

Nikki and Sheldon Alweiss, Jason’s Clothing

“The WCTS show is a great one on to be able to meet with customers in a relaxed atmosphere. It gives me a chance to think it out and customers really appreciate it.The service they provide with the complimentary lunches, dinner and happy hour with entertainment make it even better. Thank you for your service.”

Antonio Gillos

“Ken and his team have continued to build and grow a great and successful show. We are a specialty retailer on and around the West Coast. Each year more is done to make this an even combination of business and relationship between brands and stores. As a specialty store on and around the west coast, we appreciate that. We face real changes and challenges- The WCTS helps solve those challenges.
Left Cast Tee, is proud to play a part in bringing relevance, style, and fashion to the show and stores.”

Gary Wasserman, Left Coast Tee

“Big thing for us is we can be in store all day Friday, arrive at the hotel Friday night to be able to work all day Saturday, Sunday, Monday and leave late Monday afternoon and reopen the store Tuesday. We are only out of the store for a day and a half. We can do our entire buy here in that time!”

Wyatt and Greg, G. Miller

“The WCTS is the best venue for multi line reps and also for retailers that need to see more than one line within a limited time frame. I can show two lines within an hour and the retailers can manage their time efficiently and stay on schedule without traveling long distances between appointments.”

Ivan Q, IBIZA Collection, RAFFI knit collection, A FISH NAMED FRED Amsterdam

“The West Coast Trend Show has become more and more important for vendors and retailers alike over the last few years. The atrium style layout of the hotel is great for vendors to see what is going on, and who is attending the show at any given time. The two room suites allow more than enough space for a quiet and very focused appointment with customers, avoiding the noise and distractions that are often present at other trade shows. A very cost effective stress free and fun show to attend!”

Duncan Browne, Kuehnert & Co, Inc., Blue 1899, Corgi Hosiery, Harley of Scotland, Scott & Charters, Murray Hogarth of Scotland

“I attend the WCTS in order to reach luxury store on the West Coast. It feels more vendor-friendly than other shows and I like the feeling of community and comrodery even if my product isn’t suitable for every buyer. It is a fun show to be a part of. Thank you Kelli, Amy, Liana, and Ken!”

Emily Longo, Derek Rose

“I can see more vendors and new lines at this show versus a convention time is not wasted walking about. This show also a great value, with the help from Ken on the rooms as well as feeding us. There is more camaraderie between merchant and vendor here than at big shows.”

Nick Blake, Desmonds

“This show is so easy. We have a short flight and can stay and shop 5 minutes from the airport. We leave refreshed with our next seasons clothes purchased.”

Lizann and Lil, Funke’s Calistoga

“We have been coming since the first show! Always will!”

George Fangman, George’s